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De Verbetering Parket specialises in wooden floors, old and new. We offer the maximum of choice in wood and instalment styles. But, if you really can’t say goodbye to your old floor, renovation is also part of the options we offer.

We will not talk to you in a larger showroom with steaming coffee, a small army of employees and a nice shiny flyer. De Verbetering Parket keeps it simple.

On our website you will find all the information about our products and the way we work. In addition, we offer free advice including wood samples in your home without any obligation.

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Floor Renovation

Renovation existing wooden floors

De Verbetering Parket is also specialised in renovating existing parquet floors. These floors are sanded, repaired if necessary and treated expertly.

There is a great variety of finishing techniques that can be used by De Verbetering Parket.

A few examples are Impregnation, Waxing, Oiling and varnishing.

Some floors have not been treated for years, the picture above is an example of such a floor.

The frustration regarding the state of the floor, can be significant. Let us look at your floor without any further obligation.

Request a quote within 1 day! Also on weekends!

Types of Floors

Panel Floors
Tapis parquet
Slat parquet
Sanding Floor

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